Food We Eat...

Our experience with food in South Korea has come to be unexpectedly diverse. From the basic Korean dishes to the best dessert I have ever tasted....So this page is dedicated to the delicacies that we get to enjoy.


Korean Crawdads..

 My first raw oyster
Fresh Baked Flat Fish

Busans Best Mexican Food

Amazing Service!!!
French Fried Corn Dog(Literally A Hot Dog Wrapped in Frech Fries


A Wonderful Brownie Cheesecake at "Urban Glade"


Honey Bread & Ice Cream at "Cafe Asome"

Heather and I's favorite...AMAZING!!


Chocolate Fondant at "I am Home"


Burger King
(Zachary ate this one time but we thought you'd enjoy seeing that there are Burger King's here!) 

Octopus. Yummy!
Notice all the side dishes.
Korean tables are always full with Korean side dishes that come with your meal free of charge. They are called "bon-chon."

My new obsession, green tea latte!

Seafood Soup; featuring fish intestines, mussels and "fish stomach child."(according to our waitress)

This is what we eat most often in Korea. Galbi. Grilled meat. It's delicious!

Korean Fact #11: Old ladies in Korea, are called, "ajumas," and usually have feisty personalities.