How To Use Our Blog

I thought I would take a few minuets to explain our blog to those who may not know what everything is.....SO Here WE GO!!!

Blog is a term that means web log or web journal. There are many types of blogs: photo blog, art blog, video blog and others.

We blog to share our lives. A simple picture, video or even a short paragraph can help you see more into our lives. And as our friends and family we want you to see and know more of what we see, What we do and who we are becoming through these experiences

What To DO

  • Read Post-Posts are any new updated information
    • Located at the center of the page.
      • Each post is marked with a date and time.
  • Go to "Blog Archives"
    • Located on the right side of the page 
      • Here you will see our archives. You can view any post ever posted.
  • Mosby Video
    • Located on the bottom right side.
      • This is our links to our YOUTUBE Channel. You can veiw any video ever posted.
  • Mosby Photos
    •  Located at the bottom of the web page.
      • Here you can view any of our recent photos by clicking "Play."
  • Post a Comment
    • Located at the bottom of each post.
    • Here is where you can share with us.......SO you can leave your thoughts and any message you want Heather and I to get.

  • ***BUT Remember everyone will see these ***

  • 1. Click Comment

  • 2. Type message

  • 3. Select name/url from white box below

  • 4. Type name and click continue

  • 5. Click post comment.

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