Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Days In Korea

Hello from Korea! 
Sorry it has taken so long for an update! 
But without further delay...Our first post from Korea!

At the airport. With Pneuma. :) 
We have been here little over a week now! Thus far we are LOVING it here! It is wonderful. 

Our plane ride over was pretty good. We highly recommend Asiana Airlines. Best service we have ever received! There's nothing like Asian hospitality, even on an airplane! 
On the plane for breakfast we could choose between an egg omelet OR octopus and rice. We choose the octopus! Just kidding. It was like 5 am in the morning. We just weren't quite in the mood for octopus yet! We did have some baby dried whole fish at lunch though! 
The plane food choices were just the beginning of our many experiences and experiences to come of interesting foods in Korea--you'll hear more later!

We arrived in Korea around 4:30 am Korean time.
We had soooo many bags!

I wanted to comment to our nice driver about how many bags we had. The first thing that came to mind was "Da!" (big in Chinese). Conversation in my head--"No, that won't work that's Chinese." "Mucho!" "Dang, that's spanish....." "I don't know ANY Korean!!" 

The realization hit us as soon as we got our bags into the van that we know absolutely nothing in Korean! We know "Hello!" and "Thank you!" 

This past week Zachary has had a good time with the language. He has been practicing the two words we know....except not exactly in the right context. 
He has walked down the hall saying, "Cum sam ni da!" (thank you) Meaning to say hello. And has said hello half way through our meal to waitors! 
It has been very funny! 

Delicious Sushi Place!
With rotating bar. 
When we arrived in Jukjeon (the area of our city-Yongin) we were awake and ready to explore! We explored Jukjeon and walked around all day. We had sushi for lunch at an awesome place. The sushi rotated around the table and you just grabbed what you wanted as it went by. 

Our long plane ride hit us later! We took a nap but ended up sleeping through our alarm and completely missing our planned dinner with Ben and Emily! 

Ben and Emily, an American couple teaching at our school, have been invaluable to us! They have helped us with so much. We really enjoy their company and look forward to getting to know them more. 
They understood that we were tired and went to a later dinner with us anyways! 
This is how much won our $200
got us! We felt rich!
It was a great first day in Korea!

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David Carter said...

That's great, guys! I hope you get adjusted quickly and easily :-) I look forward to continuing to hear about your adventures!

Korean Fact #11: Old ladies in Korea, are called, "ajumas," and usually have feisty personalities.