Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busan, South Korera

The Plan

So we finally made it down to Busan, South Korea. We had our interest peaked towards Busan ever since Heather came to South Korea because of the CCC (Campus Crusade for Christ) conference in 2007.
We made our sleeping arrangements at the Elise Motel, which is located near the Busan Tower.


We arrived from Jukjeon by the KTX. The KTX is one of Koreas' rail systems. It cost around 100,000 won for both our tickets. BUT, they were first class tickets and well worth the extra 30,000 won (normal tickets are around 40,000 a person one way). We traveled to the bottom of Korea in a matter of 3 hours.Nice! Our experience on the train was great. The trains top speed was around 190 MPH. Also there was amazing leg room, not to mention free earphones, water, and mints....It was nice especially on the way home when I was sick.....

Elise Motel

So we got to Busan and checked into our hotel room...Pretty cool!! The first thing I have to say is Jacuzzi TUB!!!! We have no bath tub in our apartment. SO a bath, much less a jacuzzi bath, was amazing...It also came with a steam shower! The room came with some awesome lights and a huge TV, dvd player, and free instant watch movies. If you stay at the Elise motel be sure to get the Suite. It's worth the money! For two nights we paid around $100.

Busan City Tour Bus

Well, we decided that the best way to see everything important was to take the Busan City Tour Bus...which was an excellent idea. The tour bus was a huge double-decker with an amazing route to give you a good picture of the entire city. For 10,000 won a person, we could travel the whole city and go to any major scenic or urban venue. It was great.
Near Square 75, We found a great place on some boulders along the ocean to really sit and enjoy the glory of God and His creation. The ocean was absolutely beautiful.
We also visited the famous Haeundae Beach, as well as, a few other beaches.
Jagalchi Fish Market

Flat Fish and a some kind of blue fis 

We visited the famous Jagalchi Fish Market. It was an experience! We walked through the rows and rows of fish vendors, all with various types of fish and sea creatures. After a little persuasion, we bought some fish and had them cooked for us. We went up to the second floor and waited while our fresh fish was prepared. It was really cool! The market overlooks the bay.
I am not a big fan of sashimi, which is a very fresh (not cooked at all!) Japanese delicacy. Pretty much they cut the blue fish and brought it to us on a plate. It was a little to fresh for me :) Very chewy. We did really enjoy the baked Flat Fish. He's smiling for the camera on the right. :) Also, we both had our first experience with raw oysters. Overall a great taste..but very salty. And slimy!

The Bummer...
In the middle of our trip I came down with a pretty bad cold and could not stop shivering. But we still managed to get about the second day . We did end up leaving a few hours early, though. Overall it was a good, chill trip!

PS....Mexican Food!!!

Oh Man...I almost forgot a HUGE find in Busan. We had real Mexican food! A Mexican cantina (well atleast decorated like one) near the beach.... It was awesome....It was cheap and good. If you ever go to Busan, you have to make a stop! (Off of Heaunde Beach, across from the Novatel, in the same building as the Sea Cloud Hotel, underneath VIPS!)

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