Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Dinner in Korea? Butterfinger Pancakes

Butterfinger Pancakes

The first word that comes to my mind is delicious. Truly any American should give this place a try if your missing IHOP, Denny's or even your mommas' homecookin'. It will be a close contest to who's the best. Located in Jeongja-dong, Butterfinger pancakes has an extensive menu of, not just pancakes and breakfast, but also amazing salads and desserts. Don't miss out!

The Menu's are HUGE!!

Awesome Cafe!!!

Service is Great!!
This Omelet is Amazing!!! Comes with buttermilk pancakes, homestyle fries, honey butter and maple syrup!

SO yummy!!!

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rachel said...

It looks as though South Korea is becoming very Americanized! The food looks great! Love you, Grandma

Korean Fact #11: Old ladies in Korea, are called, "ajumas," and usually have feisty personalities.