Saturday, October 16, 2010

Korean Field Trip

Ahhh...A Korean Field Trip.
We were very excited about our first field trip to the sweet potato farm! We soon realized that the field trips here in Korea are about as disorderly and chaotic as ever.
All of us teachers patiently led our children around a huge farm two by two, with NO IDEA where we were going or what was happening next.

We hiked up hills, to go down hills, to turn around and go back up hills, when the person we were following went the wrong way. Or just to take our kids to the bathroom.
We led our kids through a huge parking area of closely parked charter buses. (This was the only path to get to the sweet potato crops)

It seems that on most field trips all the hagwons get together and decide to go to the same place at the same time. So that the farm was filled with hundreds of little kids, all wearing almost the same things, and with all the same hair color. The farm was packed!
It was more like a factory assembly line field trip. One kid stepped up, grabbed a carrot, handed it to the horse, and moved on as quickly as possible, so the next kid in line could do it just as fast.
We were a little disappointed.
The fun things went by so fast (like feeding the horse, riding the ox, feeding the goats) that the majority of the day was walking (and yelling at your kids to stay together or in line) from one thing to the other. The kids were exhausted by the end of it.
I hope they remember all the cool stuff they got to do and forget about being herded around a giant farm by yelling teachers!

It was probably the most exhausting day at LCI yet! Every one of us were exhausted!

The highlight of the day is that I got some great pictures! Also, some of my kids brought extra lunches or containers of fruit that their mother's specifically packed for me!! Super sweet!
Enjoy the Pictures!

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