Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Video...The Dr. Office

Everyone said it was inevitable...That everyone gets it. When they said this we both sort of chuckled inside, I think, thinking, "HA! That won't happen to us."

Well it did.
It hit me first.
Runny nose. Yellow slugs-a sure sign of a sinus infection, too. And a bad cough. And a general, all around feeling of suckiness.
My cold started about a week and a half before Zachary's, and lasted around 2 weeks. Yuck!

The pharmacy here is amazing! You can go and tell the Pharmacist exactly what's going on and he will give you a few boxes of medicine and tell you how often to take them! Why even go to the doctor?! While having our colds we bought LOTS of medicine. And never paid over 7,000 won for them, equivalent to about $6 or so.Cheap, cheap, cheap!

All during my suffering, Zachary had much pride in his own immune system, secretly thinking that his immune system must be way stronger than mine, because he wasn't getting it. Well they say pride comes before the fall. Because Zachary got the cold, with a vengeance.
His was really bad. And he felt terrible.
A few days in, It was clear he was definitely getting a bad sinus infection with no signs of getting better. So he decided to go to the doctor.
Very convenient and right next to our apartment.
Since he was foreign, they met with him almost immediately.

The doctor told Zachary, "Now, Just relax." And then.....

well why don't I let Zachary tell you..
This is hilarious....Enjoy

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rachel said...

Holy Cow! They don't have some great herbs to cure the common cold? I use some Chinese Herbs that really work so I would think Korea would have them also. What an awful experience - glad it wasn't me ;o). Grandma D.

Korean Fact #11: Old ladies in Korea, are called, "ajumas," and usually have feisty personalities.