Saturday, February 5, 2011

Korean New Year(Seollal): Lunar New Year

Heather is the Year of the Rabbit!!! This year is her year...wooo!!
During Lunar New Year there are some things you must know and do....

If you are a teacher in Korea you will most likely get a 5 day weekend because around 80 % of the population will travel to the home to their parents. This holiday not only celebrates the beginning of a new Lunar Calendar, but also to honor and pray to their ancestors. They will often dress in Korean traditional clothing called "hanbok." It is customary to also eat special rice cakes and soup for good luck for the next year.

Children and families will often play games such as Yutnori (a board game played by tossing sticks), Paengichigi (top spinning) and Neolttwigi (standing, high-jump seesaw). Young boys engage in kite battles by trying to cut each other's strings by coating their own with powdered glass.

Heather, some friends and I got to really enjoy some of these games....check out us learning how to play Paengi.... Happy New Year...Check out some pictures below. 

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Korean Traditional Guard

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Throne Room

I am the year of the Tiger

Korean Architecture is beautiful.

Korean Folk Village

Cemetery Stones

I think this one is funny!!!

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Korean Fact #11: Old ladies in Korea, are called, "ajumas," and usually have feisty personalities.