Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Quest For The Lost Wallet

Well, I did it. I lost my wallet. So Heather and I went to Seoul with some friends to celebrate a friends birthday. Around 11: 45pm, we got back to Jukjeon in a taxi. As I got out of the taxi, I realized that I left my gloves. So I set my wallet on top of the taxi to reach for my gloves. We got back to the apartment to unpack from the day and I realized that it was gone.

The Quest Begins!!!

Day 1

So I ran out side, mind you its about 20 degrees, to look for my wallet. Now as this story unfolds, keep in mind, that my wallet has my debit cards, credit cards, social security and ARC(Alien Card).  So, Heather and I ran around  the city for an hour to look for my wallet, wherever it could have fallen off the top of the taxi. By this time, my lips were numb and I was talking silly. So I told Heather to go inside and wait till I got back. (Smart Idea!!!) So from there, I spent another 45 minutes looking and went back inside. Got to bed around 3am. The next day I went to the bank to cancel my debit card so no one could spend the money we had available.

Day 2

SO I get up around 9 and headed out on a Sunday morning to search for my wallet. I go to the bank..knowing its closed...and tried to withdraw all of my money with my passbook. Well of course, I got a big fat NO, you must process a request which can be done on Monday....ahhhhh. SO I then get the courage to pick up the help phone, which you will find next to most bank ATMs in Korea. I call and the bank had no idea what I am saying so they sent out the Emergency Team.....

Emergency Team!!!

When they arrived they walk right past me and start checking all the machines...I was standing right there...looking at them....but they continued to ignore me....then they called the bank....and then I get the look......SO now they have to face the Wae-guk(foreigner). They walked over to me and tried to communicate with me, but the most I get from them is another phone number to call. SO they asked me,  through hand motions, if they can leave....and I am a little annoyed at this point because I just waited an hour for another phone number that no one will understand me on. 

Call the Police

Well the bank told me to file a police report and call them..SO I called them....and you know what they did...they hung up on me...that's right...they said "hello" and then said "hang up!" SO I walked over to the police office, after the Emergency team leaves. On my way a number calls me and asks me if I am okay....he said he was a friend to the police and was checking in....A friend to the police!!!! And to top it off he asked me to become Facebook friends......As I arrived at the police station to fill out my police report, I found 10 officers looking at me....SO I then proceeded to explain my situation, which they understood and filled out the report. But as I finished the report, it was passed to each officer and they looked very closely at the word "Fossil" This word confused they asked...what is this word....I explained that it is the brand name of the company that made the wallet....and everyone understood with a great and famous  "AHHHHH!" From there I went to the only person that I could think of that spoke korean.....the owner of my favorite galbisol restaurant.

The Quest Completed

SO I got my Korean friend to call the bank and with in a half hour the card was canceled. The quest to save our money was complete. My friend and his family has been such a blessing to our family. And in my opinion they have the best meat around Jukjeon.

Three days later I get a call, someone found my wallet!! SO I met up with him and graciously thanked him for his help. The wallet had been ran over several times and all of my major cards were broken...which is good...and my social security and TX drivers license were saved with out damage..

The Lord is good....But this was a long journey....well only 3 days..but now it is done. The quest is complete.


shelly said...

Hey you realize that the photo shows the card numbers right!! Even though they are canceled is that safe?? I love this story!! I read it when I need a laugh!! Did you become facebook friends with the friend of the police?? LOL

Zachary said...

No worrries...the numbers are no good...

Korean Fact #11: Old ladies in Korea, are called, "ajumas," and usually have feisty personalities.